Friday, August 1, 2014

Vignette Vacation: Israel through Photos #11

I love Bing.  Google's good, too, and the ever-changing banner makes me giggle; however, I prefer photographic amazement, which Bing provides daily.

Lately, though, they have had what appeared to be photos of models--of the Arc de Triomphe and Herzliya were two of these focal points.  Long and somewhat embarrassing story of me talking about a mini-world on display somewhere, I learned it was tilt-shift photography.  This is better captured by a tilt-shift lens, but can be replicated with some similarities in Photoshop.

I thought I would apply this technique to photo I took that has already been edited into recognition.  When I traveled to the Dead Sea and Masada, it was via a tour bus; when we went around Jerusalem, I was able to capture the city from a different vantage point.  When I loaded it, it was treacherous.  Window glare, blur...ish.  I'll save you that horror, and who you the Jerusalem I saw:
Still not perfect, but a VAST improvement!
I liked the little details in this photo; based on what I knew about tilt-shift photography, this provided a pretty good base for at least and attempt.  This is what that attempt yielded:
I see the effect most around the Old City walls.
Not perfect, but not too bad either.  Visit J-Lem, take a pic or two, and try it for yourself!

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