Monday, July 14, 2014

A Tel Aviv Homecoming: A(nother) Review of Atlas Hotels' Artplus Hotel

Because I am a creature of habit (and a bit superstitious), I try to keep things the same, such as sitting in the same airplane sit or doing the same ritual upon arrival (grab a Goldstar and head to the beach).  To keep these traditions going, I stayed at the same hotel on Ben Yehuda Street, the one that had been so much like home my first go-around; it was equally as comfy the second time around.  

"A Tel Aviv Homecoming"
By Kayla Lee
A TripAdvisor Review, published July 8, 2014

In my last review, I discussed how the Artplus crew had become like a family; the kind, warm, enticing, and exciting atmosphere of the property was enough to feel like home, but pairing that with amazing people truly creates a one-of-a-kind hospitality. When I planned my returned to Tel Aviv, then, I knew there was only one hotel I would even consider to spend nearly three weeks.

This stay was a homecoming that speaks to the incredible lengths the staff at the Artplus Hotel goes to make their guests comfortable. At my first breakfast I was greeted by a hug from Margot. My first trip back from the beach surprised Stav, who didn’t know I was back in town. It was honestly like I never left, and it is proof that the Artplus Hotel’s customer service is premier; this was only supplemented by the new faces I encountered on this trip.

Housekeeping also granted the same considerations as last year. Many days of my stay I asked housekeeping to “Do Not Disturb” for a variety of reasons. Each day this was beyond respected; on many of these days, I would find a back of fresh towels and toiletries on my door handle when I was on my way or on my way back. Courtesy and comfort are the priority of Artplus, and again that was evident to me from my stay.

While the same exemplary customer service was the same, some aspects of the grounds had gone through an amazing makeover. The two rooms in which I stayed (I initially stayed prior to leaving for Jerusalem, and then returned when I came back to Tel Aviv) were the same d√©cor as last year, but as someone who appreciates the minimalistic trend, that was perfect for me; there were changes that were quite major. There was a newly added gym, fully equipped with Life Fitness weight and cardio machinery; there was also a steam sauna (which is not operable on Shabbat). There was also additional art installations that only add to the creative nature already alive and abound and around this property. This was the only negative during my stay—there was a touch of construction throughout the premise that was a bit of an inconvenience. However, this customer sees the big picture; I know that these settle challenges only add to the overall effort of management to create a hotel that is up-to-date and functioning at the highest level for the guests. I would take that kind of inconvenience from a hotel any day. 

And I would pick this hotel again when in Tel Aviv any day. The proximity to the beach is what drew me here last year, but the stand-up job of the staff is what will keep bringing me back. Like Stav said again to me before I loaded into my cab after checkout, I am part of the family; after this stay, much like the last, I cannot wait until the next reunion.

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