Monday, July 29, 2013

This Israel...Syria-sley (Oh, Kuwait it Already).

All my life, I have been THAT girl.  Not that bouncy, perky, perfectly backcombed coif female that tosses her hat into the air. Oh no.  That OTHER girl--the one that splashes everyone as she swims upstream against the grand rapids.

In terms of my travel destination, then, I was once again on the outs with some who didn't understand.  Some was few, and with them were fewer words (and even fewer that made sense).  Over the planning period, I collected a few quotable notables that may be based in truth (I read, I watch, I see the turbulence, too), but these serve little purpose beyond highlighting the humor of ignorance (because sometimes, that's all we can do).

With that said, let me say I get it; I know where people get these thoughts.  But what I heard here with these statements is not security or safety; I hear minds closing--slamming shut with such force those framed photos of pride and prejudice rattle on the skull's wall.  That's what sad about this, because it's those closed minds that make these situations displayed below an unfortunate reality. Our perceptions shape our interactions, so if we aren't open to what the world and its people have to offer, how can we ever expect to be a full partner to our planet by shutting some out of our real worlds?

So, without further ado...actual shoot that real people say to me about Israel:

“Isn’t it dangerous there?"
(Insert brief discussion about not connecting in Amsterdam)
Everyone HAS to go to Amsterdam once—if for nothing else to at least see the sex, drugs, and violence!”
Moral:  Danger is in the eyes of the beholder.

“I don’t know about this…do girls even have freedoms there?"
Moral: To some, the Middle East is the Middle East (even if it's the new Middle East).

“If you didn’t know, they don’t see Christ as our savior there.”
 Moral:  There is more than one way to call it the Jewish State.

“How are you going to handle the food?  It’s all spicy.”
Moral: To some, the Middle East is India, and some people just need to eat more hummus.

“Why would you go to a country at war? They better not ask for US help.”
 Moral:  “War” is a word we use a little to eagerly nowadays.

Everyone hates them.”
 Moral: More Americans should read international newspapers.

"If you wanted beaches, why not Mexico?"
Moral: More Americans should just read a newspaper.  

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